Olympic Gold, Worth the effor of a frame?
Medal presentations in sport.
Not for the first time have I heard about spots medals being kept in the most unusual of places.
Some time ago I heard an interview on radio one hear in Ireland of a former Kerry Gaa played who kept his medals in an old USA biscuit tin under his mothers bed.
On reading about Victoria Pendleton in the Sunday Times Olympic supplement, I am surprised to read that her medals are “in a shopping bag at the end of my wardrobe”.
Such energy and sweat that these athletes put into their career and then to put the memento of their achievement into a bag in the bottom of a cupboard or under a bed is truly shocking. Maybe they are nervous of theft of don’t want to be too showy? Whatever the reason I would say that too much time and effort had been expended, to simply throw the medals into a bag and forget about them
At Momento picture frames we make presentation frames that anyone would be proud of. From the most ostentatious to the understated and chic design.
Celebrate the Olympic victory or your own sporting achievement by having a custom frame made for your medals and photographs.

Momento Picture Frames are delighted with the new addition to our sports frame collection. Our new ' perspex presentation frames ' are ideal for presentations, sporting awards,school sports day, awards for man/woman of the match, club moment of the year or player of the year.
Perfect to mark an occasion or for recognition of a job well done.

These presentation awards are perfect for business too to mark an employee of the month or recognition for outstanding achievement.
Our presentation awards can be made to any size and can include logos, club crest and inscription.

We framed this presentation telescope and award certificate recently. It was presented by the Irish Navy to the cadet of the year and makes a beautiful keep-sake for the family to cherish.

New born baby frame with birth details
This is a picture of a newborn baby we were asked to frame recently. We asked the mum for the baby’s details Name, birth date and birth weight all of which we type set and printed on a lovely handmade paper. Other possibilities to include here are birth bracelet from the hospital, Location and time of birth.

This all makes a beautiful keepsake for the future.

This was a gift from a husband to his wife as a surprise for her birthday. It really says that "we think you are great".
Have a look around in your and see if we can help you make a great personalised gift.
Irish walking singlet and medals.

_At Momento Picture frames we were lucky enough to be asked to frame a pair of Ronan O Gara's rugby boots which he was presented for his 100th cap.
Our Customer tells us that O Gara wears a  size nine in training and then goes back to his own size of 7 1/"2  for match day.
We made a Perspex presentation box for this job to include a signed photo of Ronan in action for Ireland. A nice collector’s piece.
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Professional photographs for Family and weddings.

Professional photographers
Having a professional photographer photograph your family portraits can be a wonderful occasion and captures a moment in time that you and your family can remember forever.
To get the best out of the experience try to ensure that the photographer you choose has a proven track record or is a member of a professional body such as The Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA). This will give piece of mind in the knowledge that the photo you will get back will be of excellent quality and printed on archival paper so that the wont deteriorate. Some photographers still print their own photographs but many send them out to be printed and there is quite a bit of knowledge required here to insure the photograph you saw on their computer monitor looks the same as the printed version you get back.

Framing your photographs
Many photographers use stock frames or shells that they buy in at set sizes to suit the size of photograph they print. In our experience, these tend to be either black or white frames made from a wood call Obeche. Obecehe is a standard framing material and is used to manufacture many frame profiles. It is lightweight and inexpensive, however it marks very easily and is prone to dents and scratches, so has to be handled carefully.
If  you don’t like the frames on offer at the photographers studio, you can always ask to have just the prints and then take the photos to the picture framer of your choice where you will find more choice and expert advice in that particular field. This can often work out cheaper and a better quality job. Some photographers may not allow you to take your photographs and may insist that you use their frames as its part of the package. Obviosly they make a margin on this and dont want to loose it, but if they are professional business people they should understand that they will have an unhappy customer and the loss pf future sales if they refuse.

Alternatives in Framing
There are now so many ways to frame photographs and the choice is ever expanding. Glass is one such area and good framers will offer a clear ( Not the diffused variety) of non reflective glass which looks so amazing in that you cant even see it! There is an even better variety of glass called museum glass which has a 98% UV protective layer in it to stop the sun bleaching your photographs.
Cold mounting is where the photograph is bonded to a solid surface like mdf or foamex and finished with a matt or textured laminate which is now proving very popular and looks like a frameless picture.
 Picture blocks are all the rage in the UK and are just starting to come into Ireland. Picture blocks are made by sticking the image part of your photograph to a block of polished acrylic or Perspex. This looks fantastic and gives the appearance of increased colour and magnification.

Having photographs done either for your family of your wedding can be an expensive business and it is always best to ask as many questions as possible after paying so much its important to be happy with what you are getting.
 If you have any questions or need advice do contact us at info@momentopictureframes.com

A wedding bouquet can be dried out and framed to create a beautiful memento of a special day.
We make extra deep box frames to fit all shapes and sizes and can also include wedding photographs, menues, and other little details from the day.

_ This is an all Ireland Gaa Medal we got in to frame recently.
After all the months of training in the cold early mornings and dark winter nights is there anything sweeter that the final victory where you are rewarded for all the hard work done during the year.
On listening to an interview on radio one here in Ireland, a former Kerry player who had won 5 All Ireland medals for his county was asked,
“Where are the medals now?". In reply there was an embarrassed laugh," they are under me mothers bed, in an old USA biscuit tin, put away safely"
We framed this medal for a Tipperary All Ireland Camogie Champion.
Mounted in a dark blue suede drop shadow mount to show the bright gold colour of the medal and framed in a swept 23ct gold leaf frame.
Be proud of your achievements and get them framed.

_We have just completed framing a collection of rugby shirts for Cashel rugby club for their new clubhouse in Cashel Co Tipperary. The international Rugby Shirts were presented to the club by Irish International Denis Leamy.